Dundee Waterfront Enhancement Framework

The University of Abertay Dundee is actively assisting Dundee City Council (DCC), through the development of a sustainability enhancement framework.  The aim of the 5 year project is to implement opportunities to enhance sustainable development in the Dundee Central Waterfront.  The 30yr multi-million Dundee Central Waterfront Development to re-integrate the central waterfront with the city centre, provides a unique opportunity not only to demonstrate the application of the principles of sustainable development, but also to develop and promote a methodology for wider use. 

Sustainable development is a vision of progress, which integrates immediate and longer term needs, local and global needs, and regards society, environment and economics as inseparable and interdependent. There is a demand to integrate well recognised sustainable development policy as defined by Scottish and UK Government into practice and a range of stakeholders require reporting to demonstrate how local authorities are contributing to sustainable development.  However, reporting activity in isolation may not achieve the desired outcome, a mechanism to encourage enhancement of sustainable development is also necessary.

- The approach consists of a framework which consists of two parts:

- Benchmark Sustainable development indicators to enable monitoring of progress

- Sustainability enhancement framework to influence and enhance sustainability

For more information Dundee Waterfront and Dundee City Council