Sustainable Phosphate Management Visualisation

Developed for Atkins Global as part of a UKWIR project the tool displays the outputs of the INCA model ( using a 3D virtual environment.

PhiZ has been designed to allow the assessment and communication of the relative sustainability of Phosphate management scenarios. The PhiZ system takes the approach of combining a number of computational models covering the economic, social and environmental aspects of the scenarios with a unique visualisation based on 3D rendering technology through which the results of the models can be communicated. PhiZ does not take the approach of defining sustainability but provides a method for all the stakeholders to compare the relative sustainability of a number of scenarios. The varied nature of river catchments precludes modelling and evaluation of scenarios on a typical catchment and therefore the approach taken was to illustrate the application of the toolkit on one catchment, allowing conclusion to be drawn on the scenarios in the context of that catchment and to explore any generic issues that might arise from the exemplar application.



The PhiZ System
Custom freely navigateable 3D rendering engine
Overlay of complex sustainability data
Social, Economic and Environmental Indicators
Comparison of different management scenarios