Fife Landscape Explorer

The project aims to support masterplan development by offering the project team a unique visual simulation which can import design and masterplanning outputs, allow the user to move objects or features, change their associated properties and visualise the effect on the physical landscape linked to underlying computational models. In addition, due to seamless integration of computational modelling and 3D visualisation the indicator values derived from computational models e.g. social, environmental and economic indicators can be
superimposed on the 3D physical landscape in real-time (no re-rendering is required).
Currently this type of scenario comparison cannot be done using any other software in real time I.e. results of computational models transformed into textures and rendered as soon as they are computed. Games engines have also been used previously for rendering the physical landscape but again these are not tightly coupled to computational models predicting the consequences of certain actions on environment. Abertay are the first group to demonstrate that urban and rural sustainability data can be conveyed to a number of stakeholders using a novel integration of computational modelling and 3D visualisation.

FLEX is separated into three sections: the sub models that describe the interdependency between the indicators; the analytical network process (ANP) methodology that outputs priorities for the indicator set based on stakeholder’s opinions and the 3D visualization which combines the sustainability results derived from the sub and ANP models with a 3D representation of the urban development. The visualisation tool employs a number of visualization techniques to display the sustainability results to the stakeholders. The creation of a 3-D virtual environment allows stakeholders to be immersed in the development. By projecting the sustainability results onto a virtual representation of the proposed development, FLEX allows the user to immediately envisage the consequences of any decisions made, and the differences in specific scenarios, over time.

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