DCNoise Town

DCnoise Promotional Virtual World

The important work of the DC NOISE partners will be made available to stakeholders and the public in a new 3D computer game, courtesy of the experts at the University of Abertay Dundee.


The game is built upon the novel communications tool being developed by Abertay University for DC NOISE. The tool allows policy makers and the public to see the impacts of demographic change, improving decision-making and direct engagement with all stakeholders.

The new computer game is just one possible application of the 3D visualisation tool being built by Abertay University. Other possibilities include mapping demographic data at regional, national and transnational levels to improve planning, decision-making and public engagement with the revitalisation of our communities.


Following the successful DC NOISE mid-term conference, the game will be developed in collaboration with all the partners. Each partner will be able to use the game to directly communicate their project successes.

More Information is available at www.dcnoise.eu and the game can be installed Here

Town based 3D Virtual Environment
Each building represent a project partner
Or a theme of the project
Atmospheric effects represent the users progresion
THe user can visit every building in the town and learn about the work of DC Noise