DC Noise Monitoring Tool

Sustainability Monitoring Indicators for Demographic Change

Following the 1999 population trends report and an acknowledgement by policy makers that action needed to be taken to address population decline a strategy document was developed by Dundee City Council and Scottish Enterprise Tayside, the regional development agency, to revitalise the city centre of Dundee and in turn the wider region. In 2001 this was developed into a master plan for the city. This strategy is now being realised through the implementation of the masterplan beginning in August 2008.

To develop an increased awareness and understanding of public policies to tackle population decline. To help policy partners identify key stakeholders, their means of interaction and the sources of information required for sustainable public policy implementation.

The pilot project will assist local authorities in the full integration of sustainable development policy into their practices and procedures to respond to demographic change through knowledge exchange between the University and local authorities, and other regional actors using collaborative projects and dissemination activities.

Further information is available at www.dcnoise.eu.