The DC NOISE Town is an innovative tool developed to access information in a new way by using game technology. When downloaded, you can access a village and find out more of DC NOISE. The town contains all relevant information as developed by the partners of DC NOISE. You can explore all the aims and outputs of the DC Noise Project by wandering around the streets and buildings of the town.

The town contains the following buildings

  • The City Hall - this contains information about the transnational projects
  • The Theme Buildings - these contain information about the themes within DC Noise
  • The Partner Buildings - these contain infomation about the work of the partners

Can you see how the Town changes as you find out more about DC Noise

You can easily download and install the game without any computer knowledge by following the link. Simply follow the instructions provided by the installer. The application will be available from your startmenu Under DC Noise.

Please Note: you must have administrator rights on your PC for this software to install and function correctly. You can download the whole package and install it later by clicking here







How to control yourself in the DC Noise Town :-

Use the keyboard and mouse to move around, you can see this in the picture below. When you enter a room move your mouse arond the objects and links if your mouse thurns into a little hand it means that there is more information here, so click you mouse button and see what it is!






















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